Londres vai aquecer...

"Weather forecasters are predicting that this year's washout summer will be rescued by a sunny September, with temperatures of up to 29 degrees on the cards.

The Indian summer is set to start tomorrow, when highs of up to 19 are degrees forecast, and could last until November.

Official figures show that this summer was the fourth coldest in 27 years, but the Met Office is currently forecasting hotter-than-normal temperatures over the next three months.

Forecasters say this week's 'polar plume' caused by cold winds from Greenland will now be replaced by sunshine and dry skies, with highs of up to 24 degrees expected in the south east this week.

The high temperatures are down to the El Nino weather event, triggered by warmer ocean temperatures in the Pacific.

Met Office expert Nicola Willis said: “There will be a lot of pleasant weather to be had for lot of people in dry and fine weather ahead, although with some cloud.

“We will lose fresher breezes on Monday and the northerly feed from Tuesday, so it will feel warmer in the sunshine.

“Warmer south-easterly air will arrive from the warm near continent from Wednesday, keeping temperatures rising, with 21C on Wednesday and the low 20s on Thursday, with similar possible on Friday in the East.”

Fonte: Evening Standard