Está em Londres mas na Páscoa gosta dos doces tradicionais portugueses? Saiba onde encontrá-los.

  • Ninho de Pascoa

Meaning ‘Easter’s nest’, ninho is a chocolate-covered yellow cake with a hole in its centre. This is filled with egg strands made from yolks to give a bird’s nest effect, into which brightly coloured Easter eggs and sugared almonds are placed. Buy it at the renowned Lisboa Patisserie (57 Golborne Road, W10 5NR). Ferreira Delicatessen (40 Delancey Street, NW1 7RY) sells different varieties, including ultra-eggy and chocolate.

  • Folar de Pascoa

Sweet and savoury regional variations abound for this yeasted bread, in which lengths of dough are arranged on top to resemble a bird’s nest concealing Easter eggs. Sweet folares are flavoured with lemon peel, anise seed and cinnamon; and savoury ones may be stuffed with ham, pork, or smoked pork sausages.  The eggs can be plain or coloured, and symbolise Resurrection and rebirth. In a gesture that resembles the sharing of bread at the Last Supper, folares are given to priests and to one’s godfather at Easter. You can buy them at Lisboa and Ferreira (details above), as well as at Sintra Delicatessen (146-148 Stockwell Road, SW9 9TQ)

  • Lampreia de ovos

This is an unusual almond-flavoured flan-cake, shaped like a lamprey (eel). The lamprey has glace cherries for red eyes, and is assembled on egg strands. It’s available to buy from Lisboa Patisserie (details above).

Fonte: Londonist