Os preços do bilhete de metro em Londres sofreram alterações. Fique a saber as principais mudanças.

"London's army of part-time workers will save hundreds of pounds a year on the cost of travelling by Tube and bus under a new flexible fares system announced today.

Mayor Boris Johnson today said he wanted to help the estimated 600,000 part-timers rather than offering the best deals only to those who commuted five days a week.

It will be the equivalent of one fifth of the cost of a weekly travelcard to zone 1, so the part-timer enjoys the discounted rates of a five-days-a-week traveller.

In a £20m giveaway, the mayor said this new priority is tailored to the needs of 22 per cent of London’s workforce which is part-time, and many others who have flexible working patterns and do not know how many days or hours they will work each week.

Passengers on pay-as-you-go travelling between zones one to two will pay no more than £6.40, a saving of £2 per day, or £270 annually if travelling three days a week. The biggest winners will be Londoners travelling between zones one to five who thanks to a reduced daily cap of £10.90 will save £4.90 a day, or £661 annually based on three days a week travelling."

Fonte: London Evening Standard