Londres sem desperdicios

"A pair of waste-wary Londoners have launched an app that lets customers order food that is destined for the rubbish bin at a fraction of the menu price.

Eco-entrepreneurs Chris Wilson and Jamie Crummie created the app in a drive to slash the amount of perfectly edible food that is thrown away in the capital.

The new online service dedicated to reducing food waste, Too Good To Go, will be launched in London this month.

They operate under the mantra “we’re all about feeling good whilst we eat" and  aim to provide sustainable food packaged in environmentally-friendly boxes.

The pair, both 25, have already launched the app in Brighton, Leeds, Birmingham and Manchester.

Mr Wilson told the Standard they have signed up 95 London restaurants already.

He said: “Most of the places tend to be independent or just small chains because it is really hard to crack the big companies."

Fonte: Evening Standard