Tom Cruise apanhado a filmar cenas para a Missão Impossível 5!

"It really was Mission Impossible for Tom Cruise as he tried to avoid being mobbed by fans as he filmed scenes in London during rush hour this morning.

Cruise, 52, headed to Picadilly Circus with one cameraman to film a stunt for new film Mission Impossible 5.

Surrounded by security, the Top Gun actor can be seen standing at the top the stairs to the tube under the iconic London Underground sign and perched in the doorway of a vinyl shop. He was filming a chase scene for the fifth film in the franchise - which has seen him performing stunts on the balcony of the Vienna Opera House in Austria - with directors keen to keep it as believable as possible.

A source recently told The Sun: “The film could book a load of extras and close a street down but this way is much cheaper and natural.

“Tom shoving his way through thousands of commuters at rush hour will give a real effect of a chase scene.

“It will look brilliant on the big screen and the audience will feel like they really are running behind a secret agent."

Fonte: London Evening Standart