100 tipos de cereais diferentes, 12 tipos de leite e 20 toppings é esta a ideia de um novo café que vai abrir em Londres. Nhami

"If you’re a fan of Frosties, lust after Lucky Charms, can’t get enough Cornflakes or find yourself wanting Weetabix at all hours of the day and night, then make a note to be in Shoreditch on the 10 December.
That’s when the Cereal Killer Café opens its doors on London’s Brick Lane – the UK’s first cafe completely dedicated to boxes of the breakfast staple.
Open from 7am - 8pm, customers will be able to choose from a menu of 100 cereals from around the world for either breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Cereal aficionados will also be able to customise their bowl with 12 different varieties of milk (catering for 'vegans, vegetarians and awkward children’) along with 20 different toppings.
The concept for the Cereal Killer Café came from identical twins and self-confessed cereal obsessives Alan and Gary Keery from Belfast."

Fonte: The Telegraph