Londres é a cidade mais popular do Mundo

"Oh London, we’ve done it again! Despite our brusque demeanour and toxic air, official tourism figures show that we have been awarded the grand title of the World’s Favourite Tourist Destination. Boom!
Travellers must have gone right off croissants and backpacker bars, because we’ve beaten our fierce rivals Paris and Bangkok to the winning spot. Damn right we did – we thrashed them with 18.7 million predicted visitors for 2014.
Findings of the Global Destinations Cities Index show that London will see an eight percent increase in tourism this year (M&Ms World is going to be HEAVING). But why are we so darn popular? Is it our dashingly good looks? It’s because we’ve got it all – culture, arts, history and shopping. This year’s biggest attractions in London include ‘Rembrandt: The Final Years’, the Sherlock Holmes exhibition at The Museum of London and ‘Ming: 50 Years that changed China‘ at the British Museum.
Wondering how much they’re spending when they’re here? £11.3 billion – not each, of course.
So give yourselves a pat on the back and get ready for a busy summer, London!"

Fonte: /now-here-this.timeout.com/