Urban Food Fest decorre até ao próximo sábado, 28 de junho

"A revolving cast of dozens of food stalls and trucks serve a frankly intimidating variety of global cuisine at the Euro Car Parks in Shoreditch. Jerk chicken, wood-fired oven pizza, pad thai, halloumi souvlaki, sushi, schwarma, fried chicken, burritos – we could go on. And we will, quickly, to make special mention of the deep-fried frogs' legs at Geaux Cajun. Those things are amazing.

Organiser Jessica Tucker (who's a City lawyer by day) has ensured that visitors couldn't want for a thing, so there's everything from Orchard Pig cider to bottles of champagne on the bar, a 'V Corner' for vegans (and their day-walker counterparts, vegetarians) and a sugary selection of dessert options. Up-and-coming bands and entertainers round out the experience, while the night market’s ever-evolving lineup ensures second and third visits are well worth the effort. Entry is free. The food, of course, is not."

Fonte: Time Out London; Imagem: Jonathan Perugia, Time Out London.