Parabéns à Tower Bridge pelo 120º Aniversário!

"The Museum of London Docklands is to open a new exhibition on Friday, celebrating the 120th anniversary of London's iconic Tower Bridge, the museum announced Thursday.
The new exhibition, Bridge, will allow visitors to view rare contemporary and historical artworks of the most iconic bridges above the Thames river, which will include paintings, photographs and films.
Focusing on different themes, such as River, Building, Crowds, Icon and Bridge, the museum will show the impacts of those bridges on the people, the construction of the bridges and design in the future, as well as unique perspectives from artists' works.
"To cross a London bridge is to really see the city. London's bridges give a view of the capital impossible to appreciate from its jumbled medieval street plan. Most of the time we are in a maze of streets and the city reveals itself in fragments. On a bridge, however, the full iconic panorama is laid out," said Francis Marshall, senior curator of the museum.
Alongside the exhibit, 16 hybrid photographs of the bridges in London will also be unveiled, showing "then and now" views of the bridges across the ages in the city.
The 16 hybrid images are juxtaposed by historic views, taken by photographers in late 19th and 20th century, with their current perspectives.
"Contrasting historic shots with those of today allow us to see how the city has changed over time. Or in some cases how it has remained the same," the curator said.
With the River Thames across central London, the city has abundant river history and bridge culture. Bridges have been playing a very important and irreplaceable role in people's life ever since.
Among over twenty bridges over the River Thames, Tower Bridge was officially open on June 30, 1984. Stretching 244 meters long, about 40,000 people cross the bridge everyday."

Fonte: Shangai Daily